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Bring out your creative side and come and join our mosaic classes.

We cater for beginners to advanced clients, and stock a wide range of supplies & gifts.


Our studio is situated at Annangrove Park, Currie Avenue,  Annangrove NSW.

mosaic classes

Join our classes where you will learn how to create a small mosaic piece, using the direct method of mosaic construction. You will learn how to cut tiles, colour selection, lay tiles,  glue and grout.


Our classes are fun and friendly, and we have experienced teachers to guide you whether you are a beginner or experienced.

mosaic classes


We have many ideas to share with you, and teach you the correct techniques for different types of projects you would like to try.


Come and join in, learning how to mosaic is lots of fun.

mosaic classes

We offer a wide selection of mosaic tiles, beautiful ceramic inserts which can be incorporated into your mosaics.

We have a wide range of mosaic kits for adults and children.

Visit us online or in studio

Walk in at anytime while classes are in progress to have a look, buy some tiles, or have a chat.  We would love to see you!

mosaic leaf
mosaic classes
mosaic classes
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