With mosaics you can create stunning artwork, meaningfull gifts or pieces of interest for your garden and home.

We can show you how to cut and use broken china, how to mosaic on rocks, pavers and birdbaths.

How to make jewellery, how to mosaic onto a 3d surface.  The list is endless!

mosaic sculpture

Create your own farmyard with these cute shapes.

Mosaic bee

We have pre-cut templates for you to use, from bees to butterflies, leaf shapes, paw shapes. We are able to cut anything you need!

mosaic picaissiette

I think these would be fun. I did a workshop with Solange & Alexandra the creators of these fun pots!

mosaic chook

Join us and learn how to mosaic these cute little chooks.

mosaic bee bath

What about making a bee bath! Bees and butterflies will love this.

Mosaic house number

We will show you how to cut flowers and the correct adhesive and board to use outdoors

mosaic cow

Come and break plates with us! We love using broken crockery to make beautifull mosaics

Christmas decoratins

We have a wide range of shapes for you to design

mosaic birdbath

You need to use correct adhesive for outdoor projects. We can advise you which to use

mosaic jewerlly

Mosaic jewellery

mosaic stepping stone

Paving stones are great to create. You can make them to blend in with your garden.

mosaic boots

Mosaic boots