This mosaic is of a beautifull soul dreaming about being able to fly.  


  • This piece was created using mosaic glass tiles and was handcrafted by me. Each piece is hand cut and hand set and is not supposed to be perfect, Other materials used are the mosaic glass pebbles in the corners, and her dress is made with bright and shiny mosaic glass tiles.

    The wings have been made using polymer clay and have been stuck on the background to create a 3d effect I used stained glass for her hair, which is lovely when different light shines on it.

    The grout has been colored with different shades of gold. The piece is framed with black cinca tiles.

    As with most mosaic art, this piece has taken time to complete. This could be a unique gift for a friend or for yourself.

    Approximate measurements: Length 36cm x 36cm and is ready to hang.